From simple banners to Tv Commercials for both Hispanic and General Market,  writing for Volkswagen is always a privilege. 





Yes, I can also write in english.  Below, a couple of radio scripts that didn't make it through the mill. 


MAN: So, with practically just my signature I can take home that gorgeous blue 2016 Jetta?
VO: Yup, as long as you do it during the Volkswagen Sign then Drive Event.
MAN: Ok great!! and can I also sign and get your green lamp?
VO: only the Jetta
MAN: This dancing Santa.
SFX: Click. (pre-recorded voice) “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas”
VO: That’s not even a car.
MAN: that retro spaceship looking business card holder?
VO: and that’s not a Jetta.
MAN: Then, that poster of the 1980 Jetta?
VO/ANNCR: With $0 due at signing, $0 down payment, $0 deposit and $0 for the first month’s payment getting into a Volkswagen is easier than ever.
VO: No, but you’re getting the real 2016 Jetta.
MAN: Yes sir I am, where do I sign?
VO/ANNCR: Hurry in to the Volkswagen Sign then Drive Event and take advantage of this exceptional offer



Palabras Sabias :60

Poquito a poco hila la vieja el copo.
La paciencia es amarga, pero sus frutos son dulces.
A camino largo, paso corto.
Quien adelante no mira, atrás se queda.
Bueno Señores, recordemos que A palabras necias, oídos sordos.
Y que mientras Uno levanta la caza el otro la mata.
No lo piensen, por que Quien espera, desespera;
Y quien guarda comida, guarda pesar.

EntonCes, no dejes para mañana lo que puedEs hacer hoy y aprovecha el Evento Fin de Año Modelo de Volkswagen y visita tu concesionario Volkswagen para estas grandes ofertas.